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It all started with an enthusiasm for real ale and good beer. This soon lead to the idea of making the perfect brew for personal preferences and the next step was a Microbrewery in which to make this brew. A couple of years ago now research into setting up a Microbrewery started. It has been a great journey from the start, business ideas were constantly floating around and it was a hot topic for the family. The first thing they all agreed on was the idea for the Brewery name, bouncing around thoughts and suggestions between the family and The Wily Fox was born. Work began on the ‘Logo’ design, from the start there were lots of interesting thoughts and sketches scribbled down and passed around. Finally, there was an agreed winner above the rest of the sketches and that was to be the emblem of the Brewery.


After an adventure in Brewery building, we finally arrive at our desired status of ‘Brewers’. It has been a fantastic journey for the whole team at Wily Fox Brewery and certainly one to remember, the team that made it all happen…David Smith Brewing Services, Vincent Johnson Brewing Design and Retro Control Ltd have all done a brilliant job.

We now have a brew plant that we would be proud to show any other brewer, customer or ale enthusiast around. We will constantly strive to develop our products and continue to brew the highest quality ales. We have some great ideas for the future, exciting times ahead!

emptying the spent grain from the mash tun


At the Wily Fox Brewery we have our own unique brewing process, come take a tour into the process and find out how we make the perfect pint!