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Dark Flagon & Karma Citra pick up more awards. When we first created these beers, we never had any idea of how they would be perceived, we just wanted to create good quality traditional beer that tastes fantastic. Dark Flagon & Karma Citra have earned their merits time and time again whenever we put them up for awards. On the back of our recent push to promote our new venture into canning, Dave, the head Brewer decided to submit our canned versions of Dark Flagon & Karma Citra into the Canned & Bottled category at the recent regional SIBA X awards in Liverpool. This was a fantastic opportunity for these beers to have a go under judgment to see how they fair up against other breweries’ canned beers. Karma Citra walked away with a silver whilst Dark Flagon picked up a gold. We were overjoyed with how well these beers stand up against others in the Canned & Bottled category.

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