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We are now well and truly established in the industry. Each day we find ourselves that little bit busier in distributing our beers around the North West.

Wigan's Largest microbrewery, The Wily Fox.
Molten Gold Hoppy Golden Ale by The Wily Fox Brewery in Wigan

We are currently brewing ‘Molton Gold’ a 4.3% quadruple hopped speciality ale, on the back of the great success of our ‘Spirit of’ 66′. It’s just too bad that the England football team didn’t rock as much as it’s unofficial supporting beer! Molten Gold has gone down a right treat, just confirming that light, hoppy beers are what the customer longs for. Molten Gold is the perfect summertime brew, the flavours of Grapefruit and Lychee will make your taste buds tingle.Get it whilst you can because it won’t be around forever.

You can find out which establishments have recently taken delivery of our Molten Gold over on our Facebook page.

A light coloured EPA, specially developed to accompany England’s journey, during the 2016 Euros. The triumphant recipe is dominated by English ingredients, with a small amount of German, to spice things up.

Next on our agenda…Plans are afoot for our next secret speciality ale, so secret even John, our Head Brewer won’t tell us the taste notes. John has been anticipating the day he gets to work on this brew, and now it’s nearly time!

Mystery Ale coming soon from the Wily Fox Brewery in Wigan

More news about the Brewery. We have recently sent our beers for inspection by ‘Cyclops’, a stringent beer testing accreditation system fully endorsed by SIBA (Small independent brewers association). The testing of our ales by Cyclops, certifies to the public, we are creating the beer we say we are, and to the standards you would expect. In preparation of us getting our beer ready to be sent off for testing, we conducted our very own beer tasting session in the brewery.