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We are now back up and running after a quick break whilst we carried out a crucial brewery improvement. We have now installed a new non slip Resin floor for better productivity and appearance whilst we carry on with our brewing adventure.

After the initial set up of the brewery we soon realised that the floor surface just wasn’t durable enough to cope with the general running of the business. Considering  how many people now visit our brewery  it was decided that the floor was not up to scratch in comparison with the rest of our operation. After a lot of investigation into different types of products we decided to take the plunge and invest in a high grade Resin floor which would last throughout the future growth of The Wily Fox. Deciding to install this resin floor was not done lightly as the disruption of the brewing regime and beer production would be majorly affected.

The preparations for the floor installation meant we had to deconstruct the whole brewery in order for tanks/vessels to be lifted out of the way during the laying process.  The original floor was sanded down and swept away, primed for a clean surface in order for the resin to bond. The whole process took around eight days to dismantle, lay the new floor, and then rebuild our precious brewery back to its original state.

We are now on full steam to catch up and fulfill our orders for regulars and new establishments across the northwest. We have been on hold with our brewing for over a week and we are very eager to get going again. We will be kicking off with one of our most popular beers, Karma Citra.


We took the time to make a time-lapes of the work carried out in order for The Wily Fox brewery maintenance using go-pro’s. You can check out video below to get a visual of how the install was done.